How to enable 2-step verification in Yahoo mail?

Yahoo is one of the best mailing services present in today’s world. It provides a lot of features to its users. Here, you can send/receive mails, block and archive mails and extraordinarily you can customize others mailing ID according to your need. This site is backed by Yahoo search engines and servers. As Yahoo is an American giant company so without giant security this service is useless. That’s why it has offered its users an option of enabling 2-step verification. By this, you can make your account more secure because an extra protective layer is added in the form of your mobile number on which a verification code is send to confirm that it is you who is trying to get an access. Yahoo technical support has provided you the way to enable that security feature.

Just follow these strides to make your desired change:

  1. First login to your account by providing your password and username.
  2. Go to the account information page.
  3. There select account security which will show you some set of options related to your account.
  4. Here select 2-step verification and click the on-off icon to enable this setting.
  5. Next window will ask you to provide your mobile number. Enter that number in the desired field.
  6. Now if you want to verify your phone number with a message, click send message or if you want to receive a call then click call me option.
  7. Enter the verification key provided to you through the above mentioned modes into the next column and press verify and you are done with this.

You can also add password to your mailing apps such as outlook, iOS app etc. Next window will ask you to select the desired app and there you can create password to those apps.

Now, if you want to disable this setting then just go back to account security page and press off button against 2-step verification. This process is quite simple and easy but still if you have any problem in understanding these steps then contact Yahoo Customer support Australia Number 1-800-875-379 for your help. This team can solve all your problems easily.



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