What is the method to invite someone on Yahoo Chat?

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Yahoo messenger app is very cool to use with its unique features. Users can invite anyone to connect, chat, video call, voice call and also he can create the group. One can enjoy chatting with friend using its smiley’s and GIFs which creates more fun to use this app. The app can be downloaded in any device like Android phone, computer, Tab, Mac and iOS device. With so many features who don’t want to be part of Yahoo Messenger? So don’t be late to enjoy this app download it right now. Reach to Yahoo Support for further information and follow the below steps to invite someone on Yahoo Chat:

  1. Turn-on the system and navigate to Yahoo Messenger from the web.
  2. Sign in to your account by following the prompts.
  3. Next, select Contacts from the top and then click Add a Contact.
  4. Type the email address of a person to whom you want to invite and connect.
  5. Move the cursor of the mouse to Next and click it.
  6. Type your name in the From box and continue it by typing a message which will send with the invitation.
  7. The message is totally optional while sending an invitation but it is good to write when sending to an unknown person.
  8. Choose a language from the Send the invitation in drop down list and hit Next to continue.
  9. In this way, the invitation will be sent to the mentioned email address and you will receive a notification once he joins.
  10. Select Add another Contact to invite another person on this messenger or click Finish if you’re done.

In this way, enjoy using Yahoo Messenger and have a lot of conversation with friends and your business partner. Share pictures, music, videos and enjoy having fun on your holiday. If tackled with any difficulty using this amazing app contact Yahoo Support Australia 1-800-875-379 for quick help. Get the best solution from our customer service and know more about Yahoo Messenger features. If you’re among those who had related problem don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is very quick in giving solution of any tech related issue. Any mentioned issue by the customers will be taken care by our dependable specialists. So, don’t move back; come ahead with your query and get the instant help.

How to Attach a File in Yahoo Mail


This is one of the greatest features of Yahoo! Mail that you can send photos, videos, and other media along with your message. It has solved our many problems in the business field and in personal communication. It’s hard to imagine the world where you could not share files and photos through emails. So, let’s see how to send an attachment through Yahoo! Mail.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Sign-in to your Yahoo Mail from your favorite browser.
  2. Go to Compose from the left sidebar of the screen.
  3. In “To” field write an email address to whom you want to send the attachment.
  4. Also, write subject of your message and in the bigger box of content, type your full message.
  5. After typing your message, click on pin icon which is named as Attach File.
  6. Go to the location of your file and select it. Click Open.
  7. It will take few seconds to attach the file (depends on the file size).
  8. Finally, click Send to send the message.
  9. If prompt, then write the Captcha in the box and click Continue.

In the same way, you can attach more than one file in an email. Make sure the attachment limit including your message content in Yahoo is 25MB. A user can’t send and receive emails up to 25MB. You should be aware that it’s not a direct transfer from one system to another and that’s why, most email services have placed some limits on attachment size.  First, it is transferred to your email provider’s Web server and then the email arrives at your recipient’s email Web provider’s server and at last, your client/friend downloads the attachment from the email provider.

That’s how the process goes on. I hope, you have learned some new things and also able to send the file to another email address. If you have any doubt in your mind or facing some difficulty related to Yahoo! Mail account, then Contact Yahoo Support  Australia 1-800-875-379 to acquire instant solution. A customer can call us on our toll-free number for technical errors and also for any other related problem for this e-mail account. Don’t ever hesitate to reach us, as our executives are very friendly and make you feel comfortable by discussing the problem.

How get instant Yahoo email alerts on your device instantly?

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Unquestionably, Yahoo email offers the best interface to its users with totally antique features. The features are really overwhelming and one more loving feature is that you can receive email alerts for an enhanced level of communication. Sometimes, it is difficult for users to keep checking of emails and notifications again and again. Yahoo support team is the best option to connect, in case, any confusion occurs.

As everyone knows, there are some other things that come as a pop-up and show notifications on your device whether it is related to communication, connectivity, settings, blocking of unwanted emails and much more. Choosing a right feature to have the best level of experience, hence use the features to bring your account to a better level.

So, today we are here with reliable information that will help you in activating the alert notification feature on your mailbox.

Steps to follow:

  • First, you need to make sure that desktop alerts are activated in your web browser and the second thing you have to check Yahoo email is not blocked.
  • You can make use of any browser to access your email account.
  • Next, you have to install a complete version of Yahoo email and enable this feature.
  • Now visit “Menu” and go to “Settings” section from highlights.
  • Once you are there, now click on viewing email category option and active desktop notification feature.

Take these steps to create instant email alerts and you can also take help from expert’s team. They are available 24/7 and guide you with the best and perfect procedure.

  • You can also make use of these given steps, if needed:
  • First, login to your mail account.
  • Next, go to “Alerts” option.
  • Under this section, click on highlight I receive a email message.
  • Then click “Okay”.

You can make use of Yahoo customer service number 1-800-875-379 for direct and instant help, experts’ help you in removing all sorts of technical issues efficiently.

How to get back your lost contacts in Yahoo Mail?

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However, there are many websites that provide the facility of emailing but one few of them are reliable. Yahoo is one such company that started in 1994 as a directory of other websites but soon it diversified into a web portal. Now it’s renowned for its web portal, email service, news, directory, online mapping and many other things.

Yahoo Mail launched in 1997, by December 2011 it has 281 million users making it third largest in the world. This shows how it has evolved time to time and its admiration among people. It offers its users a large 1 TB email storage cloud so that they can keep their files and messages without thinking about the space.

You can also sync your contacts with your Yahoo mail so that in case you lost your phone you need not worry about your contacts. Maybe sometime you unknowingly delete a contact and want to recover it. So read and apply all the steps properly or you can visit Yahoo Support to know more about you account.

Restore individual contacts:

  • Open your Yahoo mail account.
  • Click Contacts icon.
  • Now select the contact you want to restore:
    •  If you don’t see any contact, you have to restore entire contact list.
  • Click Restore or Restore Contacts to add them back to your contact list.
  • Click Done.

Restore your entire contacts list:

  • Remember new contacts that you have added since the particular date will be lost.
  • Open your Yahoo Mail and click Contacts icon.
  • Click on Actions option and then choose Restore from backup.
  • Select a date to restore your contacts from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Restore.

With the help of these steps you will be able to get back your contacts, but if you want any solution related to any Yahoo problem you can call on our Yahoo customer Service helpline 1-800-875-379, experts on the other side are always there to troubleshoot and nullify the errors of Outlook to make your experience with Outlook better.

Five most common problems occurs in Yahoo

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It’s really hectic that when you are busy with work on your very important project and suddenly mail site problem crops in. Technical issues are very common in this internet dominating era. Even few year back Yahoo mail problem was a topic of news some even stated Yahoo as permanently dead. But that was just a rumored. According to news sources amongst all reported problem in Yahoo mail 59% are for log-in issue. 22% was for sending and receiving problems and 18% was for issues in reading emails.
Here is the 5 problem most commonly sucked in your Yahoo account. For more details contact Yahoo support Australia.

Trouble logging in

If you are facing problem to get sign in into your mail account, then email login problem can due to many of reason like in valid password or user id. Someone may be using your account or it can be because of Wrong id or password or too many fail attempts to login. So in order to sign in you need to setup your password again.

Problem in sending or receiving mail

Despite of sending an email, it has not yet received by the recipient and you hadn’t got any error message and your mail account is not receiving emails. It bothers you and you must be looking for exact reason behind the fault. The problem can be that it could still waiting to be sent or something happened on the recipient’s end. So you must checkout your sent mail box and draft mail box. If you still can’t be able to find the problem then contact support center.

Slow loading, missing buttons or menus problem

If log¬in page is Slow in loading on your browser than first you must check if the browser is recently updated to latest version or not. Yahoo works best with the latest updated versions of browsers.

Missing of emails or contacts problem

If any of your emails or contacts are missing or deleted by mistake in last 7 days so don’t worry you get them back by submitting a restore request.

Facing spamming problems

Are you tired of getting unwanted emails or spam? You can mark such emails as spam or unsubscribe from mailing list.

Hope above told steps helps you to get your problem resolved. If you ever need a help just contact Yahoo support 1-800-875-379. It’s a 24*7 helpline you can approach in any time.


How to troubleshoot Yahoo mail attachment issue?

Everyone knows that Yahoo mail service is an easily accessible email platform that offers its users a number of incredible features and one of those features is Yahoo mail attachment feature that allows a user to send files like pictures, files, documents to family members, companions and colleagues from mailbox. It might be possible your mailbox is not allowing you to send files and you are getting annoyed, here you’ll know the basic reasons behind this issue or you can also speak to an expert at Yahoo support team.

Some of the reasons that are responsible for an attachment issue are as under:

• It might be possible that file you are trying to send is not supported by Yahoo, it is not allowed because a hacker may use this file to gain access to your PC.
• If a file is infected, it is automatically rejected while scanning.
• If your file contains some special characters then it gets rejected.
• When your file is encrypted, you won’t be able to attach files from your mailbox as it may contain a malicious script that is useful for a hacker.
• You can’t attach a folder directly as you can attach files only.
• If your folder is more than 25 MB, you won’t be able to attach your file.

How to fix email attachment issues in your mailbox?

Here are some steps that a user can use the given information, in case, you find yourself unable in attaching a file.
• In case, your file is infected then it’s better to install an antivirus and scan file before attaching. It is always advisable to keep an updated antivirus on your PC.
• Don’t use some special characters in your file like %!*$&, when you have these characters in your file name you won’t be able to attach a file.
• In case, your file crosses the given limit, you need to compress or resize it. If you are not able to do so, you can upload your file to cloud-server and share the link.

How to attach a folder in an attachment?

You can’t send a folder directly to a sender from your mailbox, you need to convert this folder to a zip folder then you can attach it easily.
For more information, you can make a call on Yahoo support Australia number 1-800-875-379.