How to enable 2-step verification in Yahoo mail?

Yahoo is one of the best mailing services present in today’s world. It provides a lot of features to its users. Here, you can send/receive mails, block and archive mails and extraordinarily you can customize others mailing ID according to your need. This site is backed by Yahoo search engines and servers. As Yahoo is an American giant company so without giant security this service is useless. That’s why it has offered its users an option of enabling 2-step verification. By this, you can make your account more secure because an extra protective layer is added in the form of your mobile number on which a verification code is send to confirm that it is you who is trying to get an access. Yahoo technical support has provided you the way to enable that security feature.

Just follow these strides to make your desired change:

  1. First login to your account by providing your password and username.
  2. Go to the account information page.
  3. There select account security which will show you some set of options related to your account.
  4. Here select 2-step verification and click the on-off icon to enable this setting.
  5. Next window will ask you to provide your mobile number. Enter that number in the desired field.
  6. Now if you want to verify your phone number with a message, click send message or if you want to receive a call then click call me option.
  7. Enter the verification key provided to you through the above mentioned modes into the next column and press verify and you are done with this.

You can also add password to your mailing apps such as outlook, iOS app etc. Next window will ask you to select the desired app and there you can create password to those apps.

Now, if you want to disable this setting then just go back to account security page and press off button against 2-step verification. This process is quite simple and easy but still if you have any problem in understanding these steps then contact Yahoo Customer support Australia Number 1-800-875-379 for your help. This team can solve all your problems easily.



How to troubleshoot Yahoo mail attachment issue?

Everyone knows that Yahoo mail service is an easily accessible email platform that offers its users a number of incredible features and one of those features is Yahoo mail attachment feature that allows a user to send files like pictures, files, documents to family members, companions and colleagues from mailbox. It might be possible your mailbox is not allowing you to send files and you are getting annoyed, here you’ll know the basic reasons behind this issue or you can also speak to an expert at Yahoo support team.

Some of the reasons that are responsible for an attachment issue are as under:

• It might be possible that file you are trying to send is not supported by Yahoo, it is not allowed because a hacker may use this file to gain access to your PC.
• If a file is infected, it is automatically rejected while scanning.
• If your file contains some special characters then it gets rejected.
• When your file is encrypted, you won’t be able to attach files from your mailbox as it may contain a malicious script that is useful for a hacker.
• You can’t attach a folder directly as you can attach files only.
• If your folder is more than 25 MB, you won’t be able to attach your file.

How to fix email attachment issues in your mailbox?

Here are some steps that a user can use the given information, in case, you find yourself unable in attaching a file.
• In case, your file is infected then it’s better to install an antivirus and scan file before attaching. It is always advisable to keep an updated antivirus on your PC.
• Don’t use some special characters in your file like %!*$&, when you have these characters in your file name you won’t be able to attach a file.
• In case, your file crosses the given limit, you need to compress or resize it. If you are not able to do so, you can upload your file to cloud-server and share the link.

How to attach a folder in an attachment?

You can’t send a folder directly to a sender from your mailbox, you need to convert this folder to a zip folder then you can attach it easily.
For more information, you can make a call on Yahoo support Australia number 1-800-875-379.


Adding an Extra Email Address to Your Yahoo Account


Yahoo is an email service with by far the biggest amount of free storage for emails. Every user gets 1TB of storage for emails, meaning that there’s absolutely no chance to use it up. Still, if you manage to clog up your Inbox, you can create another Yahoo account and connect the two. Another reason why users decide on this move is that they want to connect their business and personal account. If you want to do the same, you will be glad to hear that the process is very simple. In fact, you don’t even need to call Yahoo support to your aid. All you got to do is follow the instructions below!

The first thing to do is log into your primary account. Click on the Gear icon, which is placed in the upper right corner of the page. When a drop-down menu opens, you should choose Settings. Clicking on it will open a new window. On the left side, you will see a tab named Accounts. Click on it and choose to Add under Accounts section. The next step is to click on the option called “Extra email address”.

Fill in the new email details and select the “Set up to receive emails” box. Once you’ve filled everything, you need to click on the button SAVE, which will finish the whole process. If all of this sounds too complicated, you can call Yahoo Customer Support Australia Number 1-800-875-379 and ask the agents to do this for you. Unfortunately, the official Yahoo support will not be able to do this. Their job is focused on solving bigger problems, such as hacked accounts and forgotten passwords. However, you can ask an independent support to assist you.

One Yahoo support Australia that will be glad to do the work for you is These tech agents are at your disposal for anything related to email services. Their line of work is not limited only to Yahoo, but all email services available. In fact, you can call them for any problem you might have with emails, including preventing SPAM messages, solving problems with blank pages, etc.

Here’s how to send your Yahoo mail to Facebook


Facebook is a web-based networking platform, where you can have an account or a profile. If you an alternate email account like Yahoo email account and looking to switch your account to the Facebook account in order to access all emails in one account.

Yes! It is possible; you can forward your email to your Facebook email account. Please keep in mind you should have a Yahoo plus account that is a paid service.

You can follow these given steps to forward your Yahoo mail account to Facebook mail account:

• In the first step, open your browser and visit “” and now login to your email account by entering your login details.

• Now, you need to click on “options” drop-down menu on the extreme right corner of this page and then click on “more options” and a new page will open.

• Now click on “POP and Forwarding” option on left side of this page.

• Now you’ll see an option “Forward your Yahoo mail” there.

• There you need to enter your Facebook account login details, it will ask for your email id.

• After entering all details, you need to click on “Save changes” in your account, and then a verification window will open. There you will find three steps procedure that is required to be filled.

• Now click on “send code” in the first step of the window, you’ll receive an email to your Facebook address.

• After that, you need to login to your Facebook account and then click on messages, then you’ll find a confirmation code that is a mix of alphanumeric characters, now copy that code and move onto the next step.

• Here you have to paste that confirmation code into an empty box in the step 3 section of Yahoo, now verify your email address and then click on done.

Now you are all set for using your account by following these steps, in case, you are not tech savvy or a new user, not able to perform this operation successfully, you can make a call to the Yahoo Technical Support Australia team Number 1-800-875-379.


Email Remedies with Fantastic Yahoo Support and Mail Work like a charm


Yahoo email account issues are picking up pace nowadays as a number of customers confront troublesome issues while attempting to sign-in into his/her email account. Individuals dependably hope to profit support from Yahoo as they can’t get to mail account even after a few endeavors.

Few Reasons Why Users Unable to Access Yahoo Account

    Invalid login points of interest.
    Unmatched email password.
    Not able to recover lost password.
    Mail account breaks down a greater part all of sudden.
    Somebody has altered your email settings.
    Account got locked after entering wrong login details.
    The sign-in screen reloads at the season of account login.
    Mail server reacting gradually.
    One-time password doesn’t go on your registered phone number.
    Not able to reset old password.
    Issues occurring because of inaccessibility of email account.
    Not able to create new emails.
    Issues in adjustments of account settings.
    Not able to transfer and download attachments alongside new message.
    Not able to recover lost password with an alternate email address.
    Not able to get to calendar and address book includes in mail.

The most effective method to fix Yahoo account access issues

With a specific end goal to settle basic issues like unavailability of mail account, a customer can contact a qualified professional as he/she is not that abundantly experienced and does not have essential experience to settle account issues in fast time. For this, customer needs to dial official helpline number to connect with those professionals; who can manage account issues superbly.

When anyone doesn’t have helpdesk number offered by Yahoo for the assistance of users, it turns out to be exceptionally troublesome for the layperson; who is attempting to login into mail account and confronting availability issues on the initial level.

The Yahoo Customer Service Number should be dialed by customers to settle those troublesome issues because of account disconnection issues that influence their general work execution. Customers can take help from qualified specialists at whatever time 24/7-365 days by giving a call at specialized support number 1-800-875-379 and get your issues settled in brisk time.

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Yahoo Support Excellence Assistance for All kind of Email services


Yahoo is much admired among other email service providers, as it offers some other services as well, but its email service is more renowned among the users. This is generally used to access emails for the personal as well as the business purpose. But, there may be some times when users can a face technical issue with his/her email account. The most common issue, generally users face is forgetting email password and people are confused in remembering the password.

If you are getting irritated and feeling annoyed just because of this email password recovery issue, Yahoo support is always there to help you out. Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge, it seems a big issue. Here are few ways to recover your password.

Recover your email password with the registered mobile number

Method 1

  • Go to the Yahoo login help page.
  • You need to enter the registered mobile number.
  • Select the text me a code option.
  • You’ll a receive confirmation and you need to enter that code.
  • Now, click on the confirm button and you can sign into the account by changing your secret code.

Recover your secret code with the security question option

Method 2

  • First, you need to visit to the Yahoo login help page.
  • Then choose, have an issue in resetting the secret code.
  • You need to enter a Yahoo id and then move to the next page and then enter the captcha code there.
  • Now, choose rearrange secret code with security question and then go to the next.
  • You need to answer the security question and then you’ll be able to change the secret code.

Recover your secret code with the secondary email address you provided

Method 3

  • Open Yahoo login help page.
  • You need to enter your email address for which you are looking to recover your secret code.
  • You can choose I don’t have access to the phone in case you don’t have another number available.
  • Then, it will ask for the secondary email address.
  • Click on that and then yes to send a verification code.
  • Enter the code you received on secondary email address and then verify it.


You can also call to the Yahoo technical support as they are available round the clock and the resolution rate of the team is up to the mark. Top of the qualified persons are working with the techs and there are millions of clients around the globe who are happy with the service.

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Contact Yahoo Support to Get your Issues Fixed

In this time of accessibility, individuals as a whole utilize messages to interface with relatives, companions, and partners. Really people rely upon messages since it’s the address over the web and people require it to send or get any data. Yahoo support is one of the significant email specialist co-ops alongside different administrations like web index, Flickr, Yahoo answers, professional resource, news, promoting and so forth for overall clients. It is more prevalent in the USA and Canada as it’s an American organization.

Components of new Easy to utilize Yahoo mail interface:

  • Messaging administration with 1TB space.
  • Simple to utilize this versatile application.
  • Secure sign in feature.
  • Ready to send high determination photographs and recordings.
  • Mails look channel.
  • Logbook to deal with your calendar.
  • Contacts administration.
  • Spam channels.

Yahoo mail sends or get messages as well as send sound, video or whatever other report records and even you can messages by making numerous folders and move imperative messages specifically organizer. Because of these magnificent elements individuals love to send or get an expansive measure of data utilizing email and it’s presently turns into an essential piece of own and individual’s life.

People as a whole know; innovation is assuming significant part in everyday life except despite everything it has a few confinements and one can get in touch with the Yahoo Technical Support.

Significant issues confronted by clients:

  • Mail isn’t working.
  • Not reacting.
  • Sending and accepting messages issue.
  • Account got traded off or hacked.
  • Ignored secret word or security questions.
  • Account got blocked.
  • Recuperation for missing contacts.
  • Issue in resetting the secret word.
  • Account setting issues.
  • Getting blocked or suspended messages.


Here are some significant specialized issues; however, there are numerous different issues which may happen in your Yahoo email account. For the arrangement of all the Yahoo email issues, contact Yahoo technical support number Australia (1-800-894-139).

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