Five most common problems occurs in Yahoo

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It’s really hectic that when you are busy with work on your very important project and suddenly mail site problem crops in. Technical issues are very common in this internet dominating era. Even few year back Yahoo mail problem was a topic of news some even stated Yahoo as permanently dead. But that was just a rumored. According to news sources amongst all reported problem in Yahoo mail 59% are for log-in issue. 22% was for sending and receiving problems and 18% was for issues in reading emails.
Here is the 5 problem most commonly sucked in your Yahoo account. For more details contact Yahoo support Australia.

Trouble logging in

If you are facing problem to get sign in into your mail account, then email login problem can due to many of reason like in valid password or user id. Someone may be using your account or it can be because of Wrong id or password or too many fail attempts to login. So in order to sign in you need to setup your password again.

Problem in sending or receiving mail

Despite of sending an email, it has not yet received by the recipient and you hadn’t got any error message and your mail account is not receiving emails. It bothers you and you must be looking for exact reason behind the fault. The problem can be that it could still waiting to be sent or something happened on the recipient’s end. So you must checkout your sent mail box and draft mail box. If you still can’t be able to find the problem then contact support center.

Slow loading, missing buttons or menus problem

If log¬in page is Slow in loading on your browser than first you must check if the browser is recently updated to latest version or not. Yahoo works best with the latest updated versions of browsers.

Missing of emails or contacts problem

If any of your emails or contacts are missing or deleted by mistake in last 7 days so don’t worry you get them back by submitting a restore request.

Facing spamming problems

Are you tired of getting unwanted emails or spam? You can mark such emails as spam or unsubscribe from mailing list.

Hope above told steps helps you to get your problem resolved. If you ever need a help just contact Yahoo support 1-800-875-379. It’s a 24*7 helpline you can approach in any time.



Here’s how to send your Yahoo mail to Facebook


Facebook is a web-based networking platform, where you can have an account or a profile. If you an alternate email account like Yahoo email account and looking to switch your account to the Facebook account in order to access all emails in one account.

Yes! It is possible; you can forward your email to your Facebook email account. Please keep in mind you should have a Yahoo plus account that is a paid service.

You can follow these given steps to forward your Yahoo mail account to Facebook mail account:

• In the first step, open your browser and visit “” and now login to your email account by entering your login details.

• Now, you need to click on “options” drop-down menu on the extreme right corner of this page and then click on “more options” and a new page will open.

• Now click on “POP and Forwarding” option on left side of this page.

• Now you’ll see an option “Forward your Yahoo mail” there.

• There you need to enter your Facebook account login details, it will ask for your email id.

• After entering all details, you need to click on “Save changes” in your account, and then a verification window will open. There you will find three steps procedure that is required to be filled.

• Now click on “send code” in the first step of the window, you’ll receive an email to your Facebook address.

• After that, you need to login to your Facebook account and then click on messages, then you’ll find a confirmation code that is a mix of alphanumeric characters, now copy that code and move onto the next step.

• Here you have to paste that confirmation code into an empty box in the step 3 section of Yahoo, now verify your email address and then click on done.

Now you are all set for using your account by following these steps, in case, you are not tech savvy or a new user, not able to perform this operation successfully, you can make a call to the Yahoo Technical Support Australia team Number 1-800-875-379.


Yahoo Helpline Number – The Best Way To Recover Your Compromised Account

Yahoo is one of the most popular web portals, and they offer a diverse range of services to their customers and members. Some of the popular products on Yahoo website are Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Answer, Yahoo Music, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Weather and Yahoo Messenger. Of course, everyone is familiar with their internet communications services like Yahoo messenger and Yahoo mail.

As a matter of fact, Yahoo mail is one of the most extensively used email clients across the globe. If you have any trouble accessing your account, then you need to get in touch with Support for Yahoo Australia and take assistance from the experts.  These certified technicians can effectively help you in safeguarding your account details.

Importance of email security:

It is very important for us to ensure that our e-mail accounts are always safe and secure or from hackers and malicious entities. You wouldn’t want your important information to reach the wrong hands. Please be reminded, that some of the hackers might even use your email account for sending spam emails to others. That could even push you into a legal soup.

yahoo contact support

You could even contact the Yahoo support number Australia 1-800-830-823 for your account recovery, if it is already compromised. If required, they will take remote access of your system, and help you in fixing the problem.

Generally there are procedures for them recovering your account from unauthorized access, and you can do it yourself them.

However, if you have forgotten the security questions, or if you have changed your mobile phone number, or if you don’t remember the secondary email ID that you had provided while registering, then you can call up Yahoo support Phone Number. They will help you in resolving the problem effectively, and provide you with permanent security for your email account.

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